Message from Edinburgh’s Lady Provost

SONY DSCTo the Women of Scotland lunching today.

Women are a driving force in Scotland’s economy and culture. Throughout history, female academics, writers, medics, equality practitioners, artists, business owners and experts have shaped and influenced their fields.

Women in Scotland must celebrate their achievements and share wisdom with one another. I believe the work of ‘Women of Scotland ‘does just that and your support of Kidney Research UK this year is inspiring. I applaud you on your dedication to raising money for research into specialist treatment for those with kidney problems.

In Edinburgh, we are fortunate to have a cutting edge research group at the Royal Infirmary in the shape of the Renal Unit, which services a population of over 850,000 people and has provided over 1,000 liver and kidney transplants to date.

While the number of living kidney donors is increasing in Scotland, research and science needs to match the pace. To do this, doctors need funding. I hope the research that is to be undertaken by Dr Paddy Mark will develop Scotland’s knowledge and influence in the field of kidney research and help sufferers of the future.

Enjoy your time together today knowing your fundraising efforts could result in adults and children alike receiving a better quality of life.

Elaine Brand
Edinburgh’s Lady Provost