Proceeds from 2011 Lunch funded major research project

Hilary-Critchley[1]Thanks to the generous proceeds of the 2011 Women of Scotland Lunch, Tenovus Scotland funded a £30,000 research project in women’s health.

Professor Hilary Critchley of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at The University of Edinburgh and her colleagues, Professor Saunders and Dr Williams were successful in applying for the award which enabled them to acquire important preliminary data. This led to subsequent funding of £1.5million from the EME (NIHR & MRC) scheme which will enable them to continue their research encompassing a five centre UK study.

Tenovus Scotland has also announce that Professor Critchley, who is one of the UK’s leading academic gynaecologists, was awarded the 2014 Lady Margaret MacLellan Award. This is awarded biennially by Tenovus Scotland for outstanding contributions to medical science in Scotland. 

Professor Critchley’s work has made major impacts on women’s health and has reinvigorated academic gynaecology, ensuring a crucial area of Scottish scientific pre-eminence is enhanced.

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