What will the funds raised in 2015 be used for?


This year the Women of Scotland lunch are raising funds for Kidney Research UK. As this is a nationwide charity we were anxious to ensure that the money raised would be spent in Scotland.

Since 1985, Kidney Research UK have invested nearly £8.7M into renal research, in centres of excellence across Scotland. More than 80 research grants have been awarded to teams in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Some awards support and develop young researchers to specialise in kidney research, whilst others fund eminent experts to progress their vital renal research projects.

The Scottish research WOSL will be funding will include projects like Dr Paddy Mark’s work at the University of Glasgow.

Patients with kidney failure requiring dialysis treatment have a very high risk of heart disease. Dr Mark has developed a new cardiac magnetic resonance imaging method. This uses a highly innovative non-contrast technique which will be less harmful to patients and will provide a better imaging strength, and it is expected that this MRI method will help to identify high risk patients.

This is a world first, and will be a pilot study on dialysis patients over a two year period.