Women of Scotland Lunch 2016 – here’s how it will unfold

Registration will open at 12 noon but many of our guests arrive earlier to have a coffee in the Radisson Blu and chat with friends old and new.

Prize Draw tickets can be bought before and during lunch. Elaine C Smith will draw the winners just after lunch.

Guests will be invited to sit down for lunch at 12.30 

The top table of Chair Laura Lambie, Honorary Chair Viv Lumsden, Rev Sarah Ross, Elaine C Smith, Dr Susan Shenkin and Linda Urquhart OBE will be announced as they enter to take their seats.

Just after 1:00pm our first speaker Dr Susan Shenkin will speak followed by a short Music in Hospitals video and there will be live music! Dr Shenkin’s work is explained here

Lunch will follow and the after lunch speeches will be by Linda Urquhart OBE and then Elaine C Smith.

Gillian DInsmore from Music in Hospitals Scotland will say a few words.

Next year’s lunch will take place on 21 April 2016. You will be able to register online next spring.

If you have changed your address or email address then please let us know by email hello@wosl.co.uk