You’ve got mail!


Angus lives in Investec’s Edinburgh office where we have held some of our meetings

We have now held our ‘stuffing meeting’ when we literally stuff many, many envelopes with the invitations and prize draw forms and then get these posted to all the women on our list. We are most fortunate that our sponsor Redpath Bruce allow us to use their board room, offer us lunch and then pay for the postage which runs to several hundreds of pounds.

We have sent out invitations to around 1000 of you by post.

We have also emailed 453 invitations to those of you who opted to receive mail from us electronically. Please consider emailing us now to tell us that you will be happy to hear from us by email in future. It saves us so much time and expense which we can then pass on to the charity!

If you do not know if you are on our list, or if you have not received an invitation, then please contact us and we can check this for you.

You may then register for the event here on our website.